Extract any file from the iPod


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One of the downs of iPod is that you can't copy the songs in them to your PC, and that is a pity because it is a very good portable device multimedia player but it doesn't allow you to share your music or to simply create a backup.

TuneAid is windows application that allows you to copy all the music from your iPod to your computer and have all the content in your tiny fried also in your computer, s if something happens to your iPod you can have a backup ready to be restored.

TuneAid supports all iPod models, including iPod touch and iPhone ad it has an interface very similar to the one we find when using iTunes: On the right side you'll find the music and on the left side, your playlist.

On the below side of the screen we will be able to play the songs before copying them. Don't hesitate copy your music... or the one of your friends' iPods.

It requires iTunes.

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